ATS Allows for Longer Resumes? Yes and No

We may have a posted an earlier article in which you were told it is okay to have a longer resume for Applicant Tracking systems. Today we want to caution you that although it gives you an opportunity to have more data and keywords for the ATS to identify, when your resume gets to human hands, too much can be a deterrent to the job interview.

The article we are linking today is basically ‘hot off the press’ to give you sound advice when applying online through Applicant Tracking System software. Read carefully and thoughtfully as you prepare your resume for uploading. Remember ATS rejects files uploaded in .pdf format even though you will not receive any confirmation of such rejection.

Employment Specialists at Dillon Job Service can review your resume and provide advice regarding format, design and file types for uploading to online applications. Come see us today at 730 N. Montana St, Suite #4, Dillon, MT, across from Subway.

Disclaimer: Dillon Job Service will provide links to resources with helpful tips and information for your job search. Dillon Job Service does not directly or indirectly endorse any third party products or service. All services at Dillon Job Service are free of charge.


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