Practical Ways to Stop the Negative Self-Talk

Are you frustrated with the way your thoughts tend to replay incidents or conversations over and over while you try to make sense of your interaction or reaction and put the puzzle pieces together to make sense of it all? Do these moments affect your life in the hours or days after, creating a snowball effect of frustration with yourself? Are you punishing yourself over and over because you just can’t measure up to what you believe the standards of expectation are? There are some things in life that just can’t fit neatly together and therefore you must find another way to lay the situation to rest. Everyone has moments where they’ve said something out of place, or does something odd various times in their life; you are most definitely not alone.

Negative self-talk can take you down, if you let it, and eliminate opportunities around you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take yourself a little less seriously and shake off your momentary lapses while putting them in the proper perspective to how miniscule they really are in the bigger scheme of your life? The linked article gives you practical ways you can implement thought processes to overcome the negative self-talk to reach your best potential. Don’t hesitate, jump right in and let the shadow of negativity be drowned out by the light of your new way of thinking!

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