Identifying the “How to” of Company Research

One of the ways in which you can stand out above your competition when applying for jobs is to have done your research on the company prior to your interview. Are you scratching your head wondering exactly how you go about doing this in a smart, reasonable manner? The multitude of information available on some companies is overwhelming and intimidating. Unless you’re a Wall Street Savvy professional, you probably don’t have a clue how to look at a company’s Financial Statement to make heads or tails of it. But wait, that’s not the only source of information you want to look at. We are providing you with two different articles. One will tell you exactly what you want to identify in the company financial statement while also assisting you with social media identifiers. The other article will give you 10 difference sources to seek out information on the company. Be aware and be hired!

Here’s exactly How You Build a Job Interview Research Plan | The Savvy Intern by YouTern


Ten Smart Ways to Research a Company before Your Interview

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