Avoid Saying These Things in Your Interview

Let’s say you are hiring a Nanny to watch your children. While in the interview, the Nanny applicant begins to talk about how awful the previous mother or father she worked for had been to her. Are you going to want a person so willing to bash the previous parents, be the person watching your children? I’ve taken this example because it is a little more personal. It allows you to have a stake in the scenario. Employers feel their businesses are a personal thing to them. Therefore, no matter how difficult your previous boss was, do you really think it would be a good idea to bash the previous boss while in an interview with a potential employer? Your interview is often the first impression you give to the potential employer. It can be a time of anxiety and nerves. Don’t go into your interview without first reviewing today’s article. Knowing what not to say in an interview is just as important as knowing what to say. The linked article has other valid and important points to make which will assist you in being a successful candidate in your next interview.


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