SOFT SKILL: Commercial Awareness

What? What did you say? Oh, Commercial Awareness? What is that? These are the questions we anticipate many of you may be asking upon reading today’s title. One person, when asked what “commercial awareness” meant, replied, “it’s when you’re watching TV and something really annoying blasts out and suddenly you realize the commercial is on”. Just like riding a bicycle, some people naturally understand all the dynamics of balance and motion. Others require a little instruction. Commercial Awareness may come naturally to some, others who have taken courses on marketing or commerce would have an understanding of this concept, still others have no idea what it means. Today we want to assist you in gaining an understanding because we feel acquiring this soft skill will enhance your ability to find and maintain employment. We want you to stand out among the other candidates. Noted in one of the articles, “Employers keep asking about “commercial awareness”: what do they mean and how can I show them that I have it?” We challenge you to be the candidate who knows you have it.

Commercial Awareness

Developing Commercial Awareness (

Developing Commercial Awareness (

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