SOFT SKILL: Self-Control, Delayed Gratification

In our world today, we have many distractions and an advantage over our ancestors in that we are able to attain most comforts or desires we want within reason. Unfortunately, many of us have not learned early-on the strength of saying no to something we want now and waiting until a later time in order to achieve other accomplishments in the meantime. For example, perhaps you borrow money to buy that “hot car” right after graduation instead of waiting until you have successful employment and can save the money for it. Of course, you can substitute the “hot car” for other items like a big screen TV or an Xbox, etc., I think you get the idea.

Are you wondering by now how this applies to your job? Let’s see, perhaps you want to go snowboarding and have requested a vacation day but, your employer informs you that day will be particularly busy and another employee has already requested the day off. You decide, “to heck with this, I’m going snowboarding anyway”. Now, you find yourself unemployed! Had you demonstrated some self-control and engaged in a talk with yourself about going a different time while exercising delayed gratification, you would still be employed.

The linked article discusses testing done over a 40 year span. The results indicate that self-control exhibited early on creates success later on. Self-control is an attribute that can be learned by anyone who simply takes the step to begin exercising it in their life. This is a quote from the link which is very encouraging:

“The studies above do make one thing clear: if you want to succeed at something, at some point you will need to find the ability to be disciplined and take action instead of becoming distracted and doing what’s easy. Success in nearly every field requires you to ignore doing something easier (delaying gratification) in favor of doing something harder (doing the work and putting in your reps).”

Read today’s article to understand the areas in your life where you can successfully make this change and become a self-disciplined, valued employee.

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