SOFT SKILL: Cleanliness – did you forget something?

Did you know cleanliness is a soft skill? Perception upon your first meeting plays a large role in your success of obtaining a job. Are you aware cleanliness means more than wiping your face or putting on a different shirt than yesterday?

Clean clothes, freshly washed (not left in the washer for a day or two to mildew), is vitally important to your exterior presentation. Clean clothes on a dirty body are not going to cover the body odor that reaches the employer before you do.

Clean hair with appropriate shampoo or conditioner to thoroughly cleanse and allow you control of your hair is another aspect of your preparation for an interview or your daily job.

Your relaxed and natural smile is mandatory to a successful interview. Therefore, you would not be on your best game if when smiling, yesterday’s food or your morning breakfast comes with you crusted on your teeth.

Don’t think you’re fooling anyone by covering yourself with cologne or perfume! There’s nothing worse than underlying body odor or foul smelling, dirty clothes, being covered with sweet smelling perfumes or colognes.

I think by now, you’re getting the idea. Clean body, clean hair, clean teeth and clean clothes are a priority whether you’re dropping off an application or attending the interview. Watch the linked video and learn more about why it’s important to you, your employer and your future co-workers.

Personal Hygiene In The Workplace

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