Do I have to List Every Past Job on my Resume?

We have recommended to job seekers to include no more than the past 10-15 years of job history on their resume. Sometimes, it can be difficult for the job seeker to determine if a job could be left off. In today’s job market, background checks can reveal to an employer all the previous positions you have held. If you are leaving a job off your resume or application, you will need to be prepared with an answer should the potential employer ask why you did not include that particular job.

Age discrimination can occur at any age depending on the criteria of the employer. Older job seekers often feel it is deceitful to only list 10-15 years on their resume and can run into difficulties when work performed prior to 15 years earlier is relative to the position in which they are applying. Obviously, if you’re completing an application, finding ways in which to draw the employer’s focus on your prior work history without giving away your age is more difficult. When preparing a resume, there are ways in which you can present the qualifications and experience without revealing your age and then impress the employer with your skills and ability to stay current with market trends while in the interview.

Whether you’ve been in a situation of job hopping, termination, or out of the workforce for a period of time, today’s article can reveal insight about listing jobs you would rather not list on your resume.

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