Aggressive or Assertive? Which are you?

Have you been in a situation where you were accused of being aggressive? Maybe you’ve wondered what the difference is between being assertive and aggressive. In today’s world, we find that assertive behavior in men is often interpreted as “leadership skills” while assertive behavior in women is interpreted as “aggressive” or “bossy”. To those women who have been termed as “aggressive” or “bossy”, educate yourself on the definition of aggressive verses assertive and practice a response which will come across confident and professional but not insulting. Although others may make comments which are insulting or snide, you can rise above the fray and demonstrate what quality of character looks like.

Any job seeker may have situations in their past that have caused them to have less than healthy responses to workplace interaction. If this has been you, don’t feel like a failure or give up, educate yourself and observe how you can change your reactions and move into healthier responses for the future. The linked article on Assertiveness clearly identifies the difference between aggressive, assertive and being passive. Learn the different and determine to exercise the healthier, positive positions in your upcoming workplace interaction.

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