What are Business Ethics in the Workplace?

In today’s workplace the lines can sometimes be blurred between what is okay and what is not okay. Perhaps a co-worker is doing something that you’re not exactly sure would be approved of by and large, however, there are no repercussions, so why not join in the fun? Uh, maybe that’s not such a good idea. Occasionally, an employee can seem to get away with poor behavior for a long time, but eventually the hammer could come down and create job loss, loss of reputation and an inability to find work again in the same industry or not at all. Protect yourself from blurred lines. Read our linked article and be aware. Establish for yourself positive business ethics to create an atmosphere which cultivates a loyal and committed reputation on your part toward your employer. This article is mainly aimed at employers to assist them in establishing policies in their business. You have an advantage to see clearly the ethics which should be prevalent in the workplace where policies have not been established.


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