Filling Out Government Applications

Having assisted many job seekers in filling out various online applications, I have found the government applications to have the higher percentage of creating anxiety and intimidation to applicants. These sites tend to require even more detail of your personal information than most applications. Doing the legwork to pull together all of your history prior to sitting down to the computer can be a great help. Having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate handy to lend a relaxing environment to the task just might enable you to tackle this job without frustration. Keep in mind that your job search process is the same as a full time job with the exception that you are your own employer. If you don’t require much of yourself, it will reflect through the end product. If you require much of yourself, the employer will see who you are in your presentation whether it be the resume, the application, the cover letter or actually you in front of them in the interview. Take heart and plod on. The inserted article offers up the step-by-step process of completing the online process for a government application.

Dillon Job Service has computers available for your use in your job search. You can complete online applications, create your resume or cover letter, and even research your potential employers prior to the interview. Come in today and search our online database at to see what jobs you will qualify for. Our Employment Specialists are eager to see you succeed.

Disclaimer: Dillon Job Service will provide links to resources with helpful tips and information for your job search. Dillon Job Service does not directly or indirectly endorse any third party products or service. All services at Dillon Job Service are free of charge


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