Negotiating $$$

So you’re at the interview and you’re chomping at the bit to ask what the job pays … whoa, hold on, time to take a breather and relax! You, as the job seeker, should never bring up the salary question during your interview. If the employer does, that’s ok, now it can be addressed. Otherwise wait until you are offered the position. Then negotiate your salary. Whether the question comes after the job offer or during the interview, you should have done your homework in advance. has a great article describing exactly how to go about preparing for salary negotiations:

An important fact to remember, if you start at a lower salary, bonuses and increases based on percentage of your starting salary are less too. Be confident of your value to the employer. An employer invests 1 to 3 times the salary of the position in training. It is an advantage to the employer to have a good employee who is willing to stay with the company because of wage satisfaction all the while promoting the employers product or services.

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